New Jack

New Jack Lyrics Smoke DZA

Mixtape: Rugby Thompson


[Verse 1]
I said wake up muthafuckas, it's for so long you could sleep
I'm like Freddy in your dreams up here, and live up on yo street
They ki-ki-ki, ha ha ha, but it's so long they could play
Try to hold a nigga down but every doggy has its day
Killing the comp, tuck 'em, face down
You don't really wanna step in my playground
I-I-I'm a, I'm a class act, you looking at the real life Blade Brown
You acting like I wanna abuse niggas, square ass lame ducking ? niggas
I could send a few chickens at your door like some ? shit
? drew that muthafucka on some violence shit
So have it your way Nigga pick your poison
Shorty keep talking that ya ya you shit but bitch I'm way iller than ya boyfriend
Plus I make more money, you think he cool cause he ball over seas?
Right, shit I ball overseas too
I'm in the game you won't ever see the league true!

[Verse 2]
It's the highest in charge, you muthafuckas got that while we starved
You need to hold your guard instead of gossiping and holding ball
Wo-wo-word to my word to my mother, cold as ice shit I need my own cover
The shit that I riddle should have me right in the middle
Cause some of these niggas ain't even did what I did on the come up
Sold out tours on the come up (one up)
Album in the stores 2 summers (one up)
Adam Viniteri how I kick it (punter)
Underground king, Big Bunna (what up)
9/11 I'm alive man, the way a nigga ball shit I might need a Heisman
Nah! Fuck that I'mma hustle, I'mma need a gold Bill Russell
Right, and a few rangs, king Raw papers filled with butane
R&B bitch with a cute thang, and a Jeffrey type nigga like "you rang"
Ha! and some OG, preferably from Oakland
I don't care if you's a mile away, you can smell what the Kushed God smoking

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