Legends In The Making (Ashtray Pt. 2)

Legends In The Making (Ashtray Pt. 2) Lyrics Smoke DZA feat. Curren$y & Wiz Khalifa

Roll up, kush God bitch

[Bridge x2]
Ridin', smokin preme
Ridin', smokin preme
Ridin', smokin preme
We’re legends in the making

[Hook x2]
And we roll up that dollar
Mo money, mo power
And we roll up that dollar
Legends in the making

[Verse 1: Wiz Khalifa]
Young Khalifa, where the young Khalifa
When in every car I’m smoking weed
Up in it, I don’t know what type of shit you on
I need at least a zip
Didn’t you hear, I say the cars I own are never leased a whip
Leather jacket, nigga muscle cars on that greasy shit
And my bandana tied, I play to ride
Live a movie so make sure the camera right
And I’m pullin up and hoppin out a mess of shit that young niggas ain’t supposed to get
You know I’m rich (Uh)
Nigga my whole squad gettin' it
Practically live on the road
Doing 100 when I’m in this bitch
You lil niggas kinda slow
A raw paper and some bomb weed
That lil nigga’s tryna clone me
And labels tryin to make the own me
But I’m the only one that own me



[Verse 2: Smoke DZA]
Kush God, keep it rollin' like the brakes broken
That’s a little gram, little man that ain’t smokin'
We move this shit, movie shit, I’m in motion
George Kush, second term and I’m still loaded
Your bitch on me, all over my ...
I’m in the Bay, smoking on King Henry
On that YO, retro haze with SP
I don’t search for trees, I am OG
Lil nigga your lungs ain’t strong enough to high box regard
You ain’t got no ones and you mouthin' off
Nigga knock it off, you niggas is through
Run we goin down, whatcha gonna do?
But not so much rugby, you have to start my own dude
Big face Rollie, on my boss shit smooth
Fuckin bitches, now I’m lookin like a nigga like you
I’m from Harlem



[Verse 3: Curren$y]
Homes where you get that weed from
Please don’t roll another one
I don’t even think that’s trees son
Bullshit, all .. just sold you something
Motor running, tank on F
High octane, high off the best strain
I write with my left brain
Haters face get tight when it’s set came
And them hoes know the business
Ball tight game for the ones they missin'
Note book, boy we handle bitches
Nigga I rap clothes off your women
Cones I smoke, an O in one sittin'
Gold and chrome, 13 inches
Bikes on the dashboard, 16 switches
Car full of fumes, smoking that fuel
Exxon on in the ashtray of my coupe
Send a ho smellin' like Chevron fool
Do more with than they expecting me to
Double my money, double the crew
Triple what we smoked yesterday
It’s 4:20, 24/7
Spitter Andretti, Ferraris and Chevys

[Bridge x2]

[Hook x2]

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