4 Loko

4 Loko Lyrics Smoke DZA feat. ASAP Rocky

Mixtape: Rolling Stoned

Uh, right

[Verse 1]
I'm a loco, nigga, straight loco
So think twice 'fore you cross my path
Cause frontin' on DZA's a no go
I said a no go, told y'all, niggas is a Bozo
To go against my word just take it from me cause I know so
Nigga no thought
Bodied in the trap, you get roped off
Call me Polo Young
Nigga this a mothafuckin' Lo Sport
Kick that shit like none other
Rearrange a deal, need more mugga
Tryna get drunk as a fish tonight
Holla at my homeboy Joe Scudda
Straight shots, I don't need no ice in it
Got me talking reckless all night with it
All these old niggas on Gotti dick
Real life, he ain't even like niggas
Tryna be more like Bob Lemon
Obsession with the flow let the beat ride
From the West to the East side
Light the sour and bump this joint up in your G ride

[Hook: ASAP Rocky]
Uh, I'm sittin' high, I'm tippin' slow
I'm gettin' high, but I'm sippin' slow
Mouth full of golds, nigga I got hella hoes
I'm that Harlem mothafucka with that mellow flow
Coming down, sittin' clean, mixin' that Promethazine

(Purple, we loco! Purple, we loco!
On purple, we loco! Purple, we loco!)

[Verse 2]
I'm a corporal
Been around the globe, you're a local
Niggas know ya gaffe and we laugh at the ash
That ya pass cause you’re more like Fogel
I thought I told you
You niggas hard of hearin', thought I told you
There's some new niggas eating in the hood
Shit. them other niggas old news
We them new niggas
Clappin at strong, whole crew's stable
Me and my niggas run this shit
Coolest niggas sittin' at the cool table
Niggas pop shit on the web
Hide up in they crib cause they ain't able
'til you GPS a nigga's crib, tell some niggas where they live
Like they worked for cable, but they bout that life
You niggas ain’t with it though
You know, who you fooling?
You know you don’t smoke for real
Why you tryna reach for the doob? What you doing?
'til the next life
It's Jet Life, flying high is luxury
Ain’t shit changed, still George Kush
Still need eight lungs to come puff with me


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