She Will (Freestyle)

She Will (Freestyle) Lyrics Slaughterhouse

[Verse 1: Joe Budden]
I told her
Now go and pop that pussy for a real nigga
Fattest ass textin me all day but I still ig' her
Don't do the small talk, wrong wrong guy to build wit
She asked me for a vacay, all she get is a guilt trip
Niggas is talking to the feds now bugging out
Even got cassettes in they chest, Teddy Ruxpin style
Bitches is wildin' they treating me like they husband now
Though I got this white girl upstairs like this the Drummond house

[Verse 2: Joell Ortiz]
Now go on pop that pussy for another real nigga
House gang bang bang, no Derringer
Long rifle, big bulls, drip ooz shout
When I come round the corner like a vick cruz route
Suck it with you're boobs out, you fucking skank
Deep throat, please choke, yeah gag like a fucking prank
You know us 'Ricans be freaking so though we got dinner reservations
Later this evening I'm eating

[Hook: Joe Budden and Joell Ortiz]
She just started to pop it for a nigga
Then looked back and told me baby it's real
And I said bitch you crazy if you think I believe you but I'mma still get a feel
She say that her head ground breaking so it's only right I show her the drill
And she cute, so maybe she won't yeah aight nigga trust me she will
Yeah, do it for the hardest niggas spitting in the game right now she will
Yeah, do it for the hardest niggas spitting in the game right now she will
If I can drop her off and she ain't gotta take the train right now she will
Yeah, do it for the hardest niggas spitting in the game right now she will

[Verse 3: Joell Ortiz]
I mean... Why the fuck would she not she'll play my side just to be hot
Hop in my ride, crushing these blocks swallow her pride fuck them Reeboks
Red bottoms glide, girl get on top or leave those on and go with your squat
Let's make this porn, see the red dot? The camera's on here's your big shot
They say you shy, I know you not now prove em wrong make it... pop

[Verse 4: Joe Budden]
He can't go the places I go
He ain't been the places I've been
He can't fuck the hoes that I've fucked
He don't spend they way that I spend
With him she hold that pussy hostage like a pimp is nearby
With me she always wanna lay up like a rim is near by

[Verse 5: Crooked I]
Hop up on that pole and wind
Overtime, take off your clothes and grind
She know she fine, she low-key no she mind
Look at the neck and the ho get blind
Fuck your man, got a loaded nine
When I’m bowling for Columbine
Put a bullet in his head, leave him with an open mind
Then I poke his dime...Crooked I
In the pussy and I go for delf
Why do you think they call it box
Gotta hit baby below the belt
Whether coca or mocha after I stroke her
I never broke myself
We tour in March, but May 15th, we be on your shelf!
Welcome To: Our House nigga
House nigga no Clarence Thomas
We run in your lane, we soning the game
So pay your parents homage
Each one of my gang is one of the same, I'm being very honest
Plus that paint so black on a Bentley coup I'm feeling Farrakhan-ish
I promise, so many tattas got my name on it these strippers
They bring the parade on stage and I rain on it Real nigga!
Man I'm getting this money don't ask how
She get cheese cause of derrière is a cash cow


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