Now You Do

Now You Do Lyrics Sir Michael Rocks

Mixtape: Lap of Lux

Now you do
Now you do
N-Now you do

[Verse 1]
I'm on a fast track, I'm on a cash track
I get handshakes, I give ass smacks
To them ushy cakes, preach to them hoes
I'm TD Jakes, they wanna see me waste
All, of, them, checks, yes
That wet nigga, whip without no steps
You a half-court nigga ain't no press
...On ya album
So man fuck ya mixtape
All a nigga make is rich tapes
Put it in the back
Niggas better honor my flag
Niggas better honor my swag
Mooney came in with the Mac
If you wanna act
I don't wanna do you like that
Hit your main girl from the back
Kinda like a fender bender
I knew a couple Melindas
And every now and then I bend a
Corner on her, on 4 Coronas and a blunt of dope
My uncle rode on them 100 spokes cause he running coke
And I'm running rap
A nigga got eight, nine hundred stacks without running packs
That fast sack
Them french fries can't fuck around with you simp guys
It's B.A.N.C.O
Shorty K been gone for like 100 days and he still ain't seen his P.O
But we cashing and I'm ashing in that Bentley drop
Waiting on that Fendi drop

[Hook x2]
Just in case you ain't know
We be flexing that gold and them clothes and them hoes baby
You was acting brand new
Like you didn't have a clue who was who, we them dudes baby

[Verse 2]
Maaaaan, nigga you know the purp, you know the surp
So put that in that soda first
And if ya bitch look good, I'mma chop that wood
I'mma lace my shoes and go to work
I'm working, working but this shit is not a job
I applaud when she give me head with a lot of slob
A lot of suckers done tried me
And I don't know what you thought it was
But if I don't fuck with yo posse
Don't ask me about my car keys
And what I'm driving, who I'm drilling
Gold watch, man I'm cold chilling
Smoke, smoke and we drink, drink
And give a fuck about what they think
Cause you don't even wanna wear it 'til you see me with it
My old piece you wanna marry cause you heard I hit it
I'm showing love to the city man you know I'm with it
Down like a hundred fifty, nigga we ain't wearing fitted

[Hook x2]

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