Cant Get Mad At Me

Cant Get Mad At Me Lyrics Sir Michael Rocks

Mixtape: Lap Of Lux 1.5

I’m that man, I’m that deal
Let me know, how you feel
But you just can’t get mad at me can’t get mad tho
Can’t get mad at me can’t get mad tho

Your girl cute to me, I buy her ass some sandals
Take her ass to the beach, that wawa that aqua that agua
That’s Spanish I’m on my real grand shit
I’m coming up from nothing now I’m always puffing something
That we start with OG, these hoes be focused on me
Cuz I my garage like a stable, im a dog with the label
And im wipping working come get a bowl of this soup
Man im a god with the labels that Givenchy that Mariani
Them Margielas them snapbacks that I brought back
Sold them all them false flags, looking at the tv screen at him like damn
Guess niggas just gon bite, we lime light go get your shades if we just too bright


Girl you a could of would of should of
Go ahead and put that butt up
Face down all this money dollars that we taste now
How you feel about it nigga I be trilla lady killa
Paying phones bills and I’m looking for home still
And I still ain’t found it, but I stay grounded
And I stay cashing that Ferragamo be the fashion
We running through them pros till they gone
Couldn’t wait told them hungry bitches come and get a plate
You can ride on top of this until you get a stomach ache
I’m the man where I be from, come and get a piece of cake
Feeling good than a Muh man loving what we make
And all them hating niggas they be looking how we taking it


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