Smoov P

Smoov P Lyrics Sean Price

[Verse 1]
It go Maybach, laidback, Now Cipher
Rented Zipcar, something to sniff in my bitch bra
I'm rich after this trip I'm shutting shop down
No dealing weight, it's real estate and stocks now
Quit while I'm ahead, rappers they're all lame
Forty-three years old selling nutcrackers at ball games
Lebron James, nah I'm Kevin Duckworth
Len Bias been would have died fucking with Ruck work
You're balling but your left hand weak
Now you're falling when the scatman creep, stupid nigga
P's strictly ill, Ruck Down Records
Come sign a 360 deal
Come grind, P pushing pills
Hand me the wares, I will sell 'em to Manny Ramirez
I am the best rapper
Quick draw, hit pa, fuck up your flesh faster

[Verse 2]
I know what it is to sell, I know what it is to flop
Brownsville duke, I sold H and I hate cops
Letting the 8 pop, soon as the bank stop
Shake niggas down, have 'em come out they tank top
I'm making my Francs, ock, making my Euros
Making my Kronas, y'all niggas is zeroes
Ruck is a weirdo, letting his beard grow
Came up from nothing now Ruck is your hero
What do I fear, yo, been through the worst shit
Drug addicted parents and the marriage ain't worth shit
Pop's a drunk nigga, mom's a crack addict
Love 'em both to death but a nigga got bad habits
You know, take a sip of this, take a hit of that
My nose sore, from sniffing that
That's dope, that's weed, that's coke
That's P no joke nigga

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