Ruben Blades

Ruben Blades Lyrics Sean Price

Don't bother me, trained to take blood out your body
Shotties lobotomy, fly pelican fly!
I fly economy, P gotta be out of his mind, right?
Apologies.. you can't rap (can't rap) can't dance
Sniff coke with a big nose: Toucan Sam
Get to the point bitch, gun neutron dance
And take half off like a coupon can
Listen, I am rather unique
Funky like, I ain't take a bath in a week
Now back to the regularly scheduled program
Ambidextrous gunplay: shoot Duke with both hands
Fight thugs, feet fresh, Flight Club, like drugs
Light bud more times than Shiest Bubz
Beat the shit out a nigga that's drunk in the nightclub
Put a hole in his shirt and fuck up his nice duds
I pop the heater at you
Sean Price: Mr. "I Got More Sneakers Than You"

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