Tell Me If You Down

Tell Me If You Down Lyrics Scolla

Yeah this another one of those nights, nights
I got that strong inside of my system
Yeah patron limon and I'm twisted
I feel right, nice
Cuz I'm gettin on with all of my niggas
I really do love the life that I'm livin
All these bad birds is just flocking
And I spot one thats fly
And I swear I ain't trippin I'm just tryna catch a flight
So I approach her like hey love before you say yo name
Let me tell you whats been on my brain

At this very moment my mind is in the gutter
I'm probably wrong for this but I just wanna touch ya
Please don't look at me crazy if I tell you whats on mind
Skip the discretion I'm tryna get with you tonight
Yeah I wanna freak
Tell me if you down, I swear I think you down to get down
Baby tell me if its
We thinking alike for tonight, baby you down for whatever yeah, yeah

Verse 2:
Ha, you say I'm Head Strong and Dead Wrong
But you love it though and I'm tryna make sure my beds warm
With your company, that biz woman
Come and give me that biz woman
Work me like I'm yo job, like you my boss, like I'm yo business
Woman you fine, better yet you exquisite
And I ain't one to waste wine like them other niggas you been with
Baby I ain't no dimwit, I know excellence in my presence
I'm so excellent when I'm sexin you can expect it as if a present
Diving into your wetness, michael phelps of my sport
Listen to me talk this fly shit, come and step right aboard
Girl don't trip, don't slip, don't slouch please don't miss out yo boy
Don't miss out on that joy, I'll make yo neighbors tired of that noise
I fill some good inside of that void, at least that deal for tonight
And hit you with that act right cuz you need that real in ya life
I know you know you feelin it right
If you diggin my message, let you know you won't regret
It will be more than you expected


Look baby you fine, girl you super bad
I'm tryna make you mine for the night, we can do some things
Tell me if you down
I said you fine, girl you super bad
I'm tryna make you mine for the night we can do some things
Tell me if you down


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