My Homie

My Homie Lyrics Schoolboy Q

Album: Habits & Contradictions

What's a real nigga addiction?
Money weed and bitches
Hangin with snitches
Shit it wasn't my intention

[Verse 1]
I didn't know I knew him for years
?Who would think his gums were soft?
To all my niggas I would die for
Load my pistol up go out and war for
Spend my last you keep your half we all poor
No way to go ill walk you through my front door
My ninjas do the same see when we was younger You were my mane
Nigga I wouldn't figure you would be on that stand
Puttin my life up in you hands pointin your finger like daaaaamn
For really though? We was just sling oxy like a year ago
You knew my sister tho auntie cousins and my uncle Joe
Cuz you hit my dro see my nigga yous a ho remember those cheerios
Ninja turtles on my grandmas floor I'm liike fo sho donatello
Catch you on the rebound you bound to drizzound
Grave lounge where you sit down what goes around comes a rizzound
The skies up inhale it slow keep yo mouth shut bet he won't tell no mo


[Verse 2]
Started around the bottom ended up at the top
Heard you was in some trouble I unretired my Glock
Did what I did who woulda knew you was the cops
Talkin all on the phone to your homies about a plots
Got me up in the box thought that you was my nigga
Ya got your scentence reduced cause you told them that I pulled the trigger
And I was lookin out for you
Tried to show him just how we do
Put all my shit aside now im through
Figured that I would keep it crippy
This what this real nigga get me
Locked up for like a century
While you get chances of a Bently
Fuck my old bitches while I beat my dick plenty
My shootin figure itchy but I hope somebody get him
But probably not shit I ain't sweatin it
Cuz got me hot better get his ass popped
Can't get over how we was tough as leather
Man we did everything together
Fucked our first bitches earned our first cheddar
Robbed the first nigga was down for whatever
And ill blast till forever if we had too
But it's all cool


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