Can't Do

Can't Do Lyrics Schoolboy Q feat. Jay Rock

[Verse 1 - Schoolboy Q]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Shit was all bad just a week ago, yeah
Woke up in next morning I was on they can't slow it down now
Where we going next? Sky high
Through the cloud I power tell them book a jail
Quick if you know what's best about to make you loose your breath
All I'm standing on your chest and I ain't let none
I ain't trying to let you eat and I ain't trying to wish you luck
You should probably try to get a billy share what you ain't enough
See you gotta understand I'm the motherfucking man, yeah
You're always at the bottom that's the motherfucking plan, yeah
At the record, at the record, keep my name up in the man
I ain't trying to be a friend, I ain't trying to shake your hand
You niggers know what's up but lemme break it down
Had that... cotton popping all around your town
Been talking plane after plane, mean...
Touch down receiving now will fuck it, I run it back, back

[Hook - Schoolboy Q]
My nigger's flammable but we all on fire, we all on fire
My nigger's flammable but we all on fire, we all on fire
Tell me what you can but I tell you what you can't do
Touch a hundred grand well that's something what you can't do
Say up in the man well that's something what you can't do
Another hundred grand well that's something what you can't do
I tell what you can do

[Verse 2 - Schoolboy Q]
Fuck with any nigger in my circle
You square? Swear, you don't compare, get your shit repaired
Burn about my underwear, bitch I drop 30 on them...
Ripping my balls,.. them, feeling myself move around but I'm rewinding them
Talky mouth, we pounding them, media ripped in 3,.. burning your shit you learned your lesson
Why would you play with fire, you and your crew can get expired
Moving you're tired, go to sleep, got his ass around wrapped, yeah
... beating black and blue, you nincompoop, double o 7 Glock your muscle
Orange top,.. pockets... up, twist up,.. some screaming we show
... still do what I came to do, bottle after bottle like I got in advance
... gangster... part of my plan, the moment I feel like I made it
Getting half the bitches that said I was over rated
Now I'm the latest, call me the greatest, one of her favorites, I raised her
She say we famous, this rapping we do it die, die
There's a difference between you and I
Fucking unity,.. never here when we was working hard
But one in a plot, start a nigger to take care, you should have been a broad
We brought your pussy now bow down to the greats, the hardest and human race
Don't make me humiliate, yeah, yeah, yeah
And put the names out there you best have clear, you're pressed out here
Slide me the weather, pop your recession, your valuable lesson

[Hook - Schoolboy Q]

[Verse 3 - Jay Rock]
Clash with these titans, burners without license
See them bees and the... that's priceless
You told me your... that's my shit, I'm the shit
She tell me super... with your bitch, now she say
Baby be going crazy for the dick, wow
King Kong knock them down, back to back, ping pong
Fast lane, fast money, you for the fame you crash dummy
Niggers get... their selves, stepping outside their selves
Tell them get a reality check they say rock is the best
The shit that smoke the some in the pipe, I'm worser than that
More like a nuclear bomb in the... so dominant flesh
The effect is like domino, when we drop niggers falling like Geronimo
Let them suffer, we bring the rockers, flow funky like the shit on the...
Got your numbers if you yelling bingo
On fire like skeleton hell's kitchen, get your... missing for starting backwards
12 gauge pump action, we smashing in grand national kill capital collateral damages
Overcome challenges, digging your bitch they gonna toss that whose to my managers
We're scandalous

[Hook - Schoolboy Q]

[Outro - Schoolboy Q]
Nigger I tell you what you can do nigger
You can't be for my power nigger, go home nigger
Work on that week gas mix tape, we sell the mix tapes, yeah
You can't do it nigger

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