Just Can't Get It Right

Just Can't Get It Right Lyrics RZA feat. Boy Jones (ODB's son)

[Intro: RZA]
One, two, it’s the Brooklyn zoo
Three, four, better shut your door
Five, six, nigga get your shit
Seven, eight, you gonna lay …
One, two, it’s the Brooklyn zoo
Three, four, nigga shut your door!

[Verse 1: Boy Jones]
I make money, money don’t make me
I squeeze them honeys, hommie don’t hate me
I keep my money in the ? bank
Fuck her safe ?
I ain’t your average rapper
I ain’t your average camper
I’m on some new shit and you can get adapter
I had it wrapped in here, I had it wrapped…
But nigga, ? this year

[Hook: RZA & Boy Jones]
I know a lot of ya’ll niggas can’t get it right
Just can’t get it right, just can’t get it right
No niggas, just can’t get it right, just can’t get it
Just, just can’t get it right!

[Verse 2: RZA]
More guns like the ? to hold shower curtains
I’m in the club, watch my watch, let my diamond ?
Time to leave, and these two girls are saying something
Cross the Brooklyn bridge, now a nigga finger fucking
Pop a ? watch the purses
You better believe, I’m holding like the service
? proof suburbans, two more suburbans
Bodyguards rock ?
Put me now ?


[Verse 3: Boy Jones]
Born and raise that ? no definition
? fuck the composition!
Eliminate indoors who are fake that's my decision
I send the Holy Marry to your God not convert to your religion
If the sky had eyes, he could see the pussyness
And all you tender loving business guys
I can see the future ? and all your flaws
? start seeing the weakness, nigga is terrified
Listen, I fed a pig to a savage
Then he jumped like rabbit ? in a hoop then he caught ?


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