This Life Is So Exciting (Remix)

This Life Is So Exciting (Remix) Lyrics Ryan Leslie

It’s the life, the life, the life is so exciting
The life, the life, the life is so exciting
The life, the life, the life is so exciting
The life, the life, the life is so exciting

Black tints, black suits
Black trucks, black boots
Black chucks, bandanas
My Spanish chick she loves Santana
Supernatural, Carlos
Buyin' cash, no car notes
Boss status, Donnie Ienner
Your wife but that's my vagina
Take a picture, it'll last longer
You fast talking, I'm cash talking
Past talking 'bout old problems
My new crib it got gold columns
Statues, Hirst skulls
Learjet to my rehearsal
Wool coat with that mink lining
My Black Card is not declining
I'm certified, Chase Private
Self-made but I stay striving
Red 'Rari, I'm race driving
Switching lanes and I'm face-timing
My accountant
Stock trades
Short selling, I'm not afraid
High risk, high reward
So blessed, my Lord
The life


It’s beach weather over here, nigga, sky’s clear, nigga
That’s flip flops, that’s Americana, that’s Hilfiger
Yacht masters at the yacht party, sitting at the dock is a drop 'rari
That’s pole position with a joystick, that’s push a button that’s like Atari
Raising the bar, no parallel, so many horses, carousel
I would go loud like a caravan, ghost in the storm, see Caroline
Maryland, tags on it, heroine, bags on it
Hermes, throw pillows, miss only couch and then clash on it
Take a look in my view fine and see seven figures and two comas
I see bad bitches, see blue diamonds, I see saws I two time em'
Gigolo, juggle hoes, jigsaw, I puzzle those
Cross words, cross birds, I cross country with a couple those


When the sun is out we runs about
Let the world see what this hunneds' about
Ain’t seen this since the one was out
With Jay, Pimp C, and Bun
We’re out here, still pimping that big
Looking that jig, someone go call hype Willie
We need slow mo, more rolls more
Niggas is drunk and type silly
Dancing like Dame, holding up chains
Got PMBs on big ass boat on molly, rolling up Jane
This life is so exciting, that money be so inviting
So fuck with them and then and tell my lawyers keep on fighting


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