Beautiful Lie

Beautiful Lie Lyrics Ryan Leslie

Album: Les Is More

[Verse 1: Ryan Leslie]
Yeah, you gotta love Paris!
Shorty fine I see a future in her face
I said I'm at the Le Meurice
She looked at me and said, "after-party, your place"
Wow, now that's a five star evening
Let's hit the suite for some 5 star treatment
Lights off, music on, heavy breathing
Round three, man, I'm over achieving
And she loving the way I'm winning, hey
I'm caked up with mo' checks, I'm getting paid
We wake up it's mo' sex & minute maid
That's the Rockstar life I live it, baby
Ain't no tellin where I'mma go, man
Carefree livin' lovin' every moment
I leave the buildin tip a hundred to my doorman
Now I'm in the gullwing pedal to the floor, man, ugh

[Hook: Ryan Leslie]
And if you're feelin' how I'm feelin' put your hands to the sky
Cause we only gon' get this moment one chance in our lives
And we all wanna believe in a beautiful lie
A beautiful lie

[Verse 2: Ryan Leslie]
Yeah, I'm on my j-o-b
Shorty eyeing me like a drug, man, she way OD
I ain't pay to get in this club, homie, they owe me
The Presidential convoy that's straight OG, yeah
Lights flash the paparazzi know
They all in line for that Ryan Liberachi show
I used to be the underdog Ralph Macchio
Now you see me stuntin' in the club with a Versace ho
And she gon' ride for me do or die
And she be killin these bitches assisted suicide
That mean they killin' themselves when she slide through
I mean, look at her you would want to die too!
And you don't need no other reason
Than the way she be rockin' furs out of season
I leave the spot tell the valet gimme my keys, man
My shorty hot you should get you one of these, man!


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