Walking In The Rain freestyle

Walking In The Rain freestyle Lyrics Royce Da 5'9"

I got a deep anonymous bottomless pit depth to my psychy
Bank full of what’s stitched on the left side of my Nikes
Blank man fill me in but you will never sum me up, there will never be another question mark like me
I don’t gang bang shit I’m just mad blazing
I got them dimes like a bad Asian
I got them nicks like some bad shaving
A lot em with the gang bang
She say she wit it a matador like I’m red flag waving
I go with cigs when you come with kids
So I hope you run youngest son under dick
So long live crime, long kiss bye
I’m a Rottweiler I am truly hot lava
Have your pops hollering the wrong kid died turn him into Dewey Cox father, I age better than suede leather
The winner and the fall Dopeman fuck the talk lets agree that I ain’t the Pacman and Mayweather
Got bitches chasing dick I feel like hanging out, shit take 'em wit snap my fingers make them sit
You? you roll around with a pack of niggas, you got the click Mel Gibson wish for rapist bitch
He got the cops around him, I’m rocking like a crack head momma, chicken in the crib, baby in the oven
That basically means she laying in some hot surroundings
Crazy is the governing Shady is the covenant
Come with Immaculate concepts like nobody birthed me
I treat the game like Rick James did Charlie Murphy
I’m in my Slaughterhouse storming troop armor suit all you clones trying to form a group only Jones that you keeping up with is orange juice

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