Part of Me

Part of Me Lyrics Royce Da 5'9"

Album: Street Hop

[Intro: Royce - whispering]
You took a part of me with you
You took a part of me with you
Uhh, you took a part of me with you
Ahh, ahh

Last night we had a one night stand
But when I woke up in the mornin I missed you
You see, all I'm sayin is can I see you again?
Cause when you left you took a part of me with you
A part of me with you

[Verse One]
It's like it's a, urban legend, his mistake
Her confession; how 'bout it for a first impression
How 'bout it, with the Birkin lookin perfectly measured
Lookin certain as ever like she got her purpose together or whatever
Him, he was like a typical thug
Hat and glasses, he had to bag the baddest bitch at the club
He had a, way with his words, a certain - how should I put it?
"Je ne sais quoi" is how the French bitches would mention him
Never known for lovin them all, havin them drivin his cars
Havin them in the mall on his budget ballin
Him tryin to call her is the part of the issue
He said that when she left she took a part of him with her
He ain't a stranger to the one night stand
If you lovin them you's a sucker - that's the one night sayin'
But why give him the wrong number and fuck him later on girls
That's all I'm sayin'
Lemme tell you how they met
He approached her with the usual swagger
"How you doin? Blahzay-blee-blah-blah-blah", the usual blabber
Now that the, ice is broken it's time to get linked
He asked her if he could buy her a drink - she nodded to him and said
"I don't really drink but thank you for the offer
Let me buy you one and we can finish talkin'
How 'bout some Patron, and have him fill the cup up
And when you finish up we can get into somethin'"
He like it's, easy as pie, you see it in his eyes
He tryin to turn her out tonight and leave her where she lies
Tell his friend he hung her out to dry
Another bitch taps him on the shoulder and he turns around surprised
She said, "How you doin'? I think I know you from somewhere
Yes I do, don't you drive that Mercedes out there
You was drivin by me one day I was walkin'
You pulled over to me and we started talkin'"
While they talkin' Shorty One grabbed somethin' out her Birkin
Tossed it in his drink and watched it sink to the surface
Shorty Number Two kept talkin' like she was tryin' to stall him
Long enough for that thing to dissolve in
One gives the signal, Two says "Who's this?"
He's like, "Sorry I'm rude" then introduces
One to Two - they start hittin' it off
Just like he wants them to, it's wonderful
He thinkin', she's a skeezer, she's just easy
They both probably bi, so this should lead to a threesome
They both probably high cause neither one of 'em drinkin'
They both keep gigglin' so you know what he thinkin'
He swallows his Patron shot, sets the cup on top
The bar, like we gon' fuckin' party, don't stop
One cues Two then, says, "where yo' ride at?"
He says, "hey, I let valet decide that"
They laugh, they leave, he says, "Mami drive that
I'm tired or I'm high, I just wanna lie back"
They get to the hotel, they get on the elevator
He ain't feelin' so well like "fuck it, I'll get better later"
They get in the room and start takin' off they clothes
Dude steppin' out his shoes while he checkin' out the hoes
He's sick so he sits, One says "lay down"
Two says, "I'll take off his clothes, okay now?"
He loses consciousness, he dreams of Number Two ridin' him
Slidin' up and down with no condom
Number One suckin on his dick usin' both hands
Both hoes dressed like nurses, I guess they role playin'
He comes to as the room circles and comes to a stop
He's not certain or not is he still dreamin'
He feels numb so he looks down and sees
That he's layin in a tub, full of ice from his knees
To his waist, in a bathroom with grief on his face
He feelin' like he too weak to move so he waits
He feels around and notices a piece of paper stickin' to the tub
From his bitches and it's written in his blood (WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?)
He panics, he screams, oh God, what's happenin'
More readin', less prayin', no time for rationin'
The letter reads, "never ask for shit
Cause you can get more than you ask for, we have yo' dick"
The letter reads, "never ask for shit
Cause you can get more than you ask for, we have yo' dick"


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