Sidity Lyrics Roscoe Dash feat. Big Sean

[Roscoe Dash]
She got pictures of her last man, all in her trash can
She focus just hopeless, you too much like her past and
She in a mind state where her grind rate
Sets her apart from all the live bait
She makes her own joke, she extraordinary
And those hips and thighs you dream about she more than carries
Pills and berries can't describe how she measures up
She’s a dime, that describes why she acting up

She acting all sidity its cause she know she’s bad
She makes her own money, spend it like she never had
Shes way too smart for scheming, she got too much class
So when she in the room, she got it on smash
Girl, I want it, girl I want it
You got my attention, you got my attention
You got it flauntin', you got it flauntin'
You got me wishing, you got me wishing
I can have it all, baby just for one night
Need another nigga feeling your type
Know you want it, yeah, yeah

[Big Sean]
I'm in here with my crew yelling fuck these other niggas
I did search around the city, can’t nobody do it bigger
Poppin' bottles errday errday that’s my prescription
Getting paper errday errday, that’s my subscription
Its a fuck everybody in the world kind of day
Everything gold, cause I’m that kinda paid
That’s the girl you wifen' nigga what you’re trying to say
She cute like I might fuck on wednesday when I'm high kind of way
Damn a nigga made it, me and my niggas made it
Yeah I know you’ve seen me on, and she reppin' Finally Famous
Me and my crew round me paid, like getting rich contagious
That’s why Ms. Sophisticated dancin' 'round like she in cages woah
Twisting up my fingers and weed
Hands flipping through the paper like my fingers could read
All my, All my music knocking like bitch its police
Snatching bottles out her hand like bitch this shits for me
Like What'chu Doing


[Roscoe Dash]
I think I know what it is, yeah!
See it, see!
Lehhh go
They can't understand it you bama niggas been actin frantic
You manage to leave them stranded, well mannered and rubber band it
Up Up and when I look up well there you are
You a star with a car, I'm in love, go cigar??
You deserve it, stop in the mall lil' intercourse and movies
Probably end all your nights with champagne, and Jacuzzi
Celebrating the life, you work hard for and I approving
Girl, you’re one of a kind, and your kind is so seducing!
She lead by example, like its her duty, she got him at a standstill
Well how she do it, independent than a muhhh
But that muhh got her stupid
She probably following love, if she ever got to knew me

[Hook x2]

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