Sour Lyrics Rockie Fresh

[Verse One: Rockie Fresh]
Man, I got so many reasons to never stop believing
And mainly it's because I love this money that I'm seeing
The way I'm living life, it feel like every day the weekend
All these bitches say I'm shallow but my money in the deep end
And that's Rockie in the building, man, somebody better let them know
One neck, two chains, I'm about to let them glow
Niggas got a problem, I just wonder what they stressing for
Life is too short to be mad nigga, let it go
Big buzz, bigger dough, probably why she down for
Y'all niggas don't get it like me, why the fuck y'all lying for?
I'm on the up and up, young and I don't give a fuck
She wanna be high too, that's probably why she grinding low
And your low is getting low, probably ‘cause you're not fly
Your kid gon' see a chicken when he looking into his pop eyes
I got guys and got hoes that hold down my promo
Your flow is a no-no so your fans are some no shows
And we be where that dough go, ACG we in here
Got a lot of money so you know that we gonna spend here
And some Jordan nines but all the bitches be some tens here
Working in this bitch and tell him nigga, get his

I'm rolling sour, you niggas rolling chronic
These women run up on me, tell me I don't think they want it
And life is getting good, I'm enjoying every moment
We be getting pay like this, man it feels good don't it?
I'm getting money, see, we get money
We shining in this biz so it's looking like it's sunny
These hoes run up on me, get a damn thing from me
And we laughing to the bank but it ain't a damn thing funny

[Verse Two: Rockie Fresh]
Okay, I'm trying to get my smoke on, Kenny where that ounce at?
Your CD, I scroll on, next to the light, my mouse pad
And bitches seen I'm balling so they all be trying to bounce that
Fucked a actress last night but her name, I won't announce that
I am crack, I spit that, a real nigga, I've been that
And I don't fuck with fake hoes, you too close bitch, get back
I'm intact and I've been flying, what I'm doing, they still trying
My whole career is in fast forward while these niggas is rewinding
I'm reclining, riding around the city with my top back
Jordan three’s pressed against the gas with a Sox cap
Rolling and it's no question the top is where I'm going
Either this Red Bull gave me wings or all this purple that I'm rolling
Women, they see me do my thing and I'm a pimp, look how I'm strolling
Now a nigga is getting ace so you would think I played in open
I'm the fliest nigga smoking, put it in the air
Tell that girl to bring a friend ‘cause I got enough to share, yeah


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