Self Made 3 Freestyle (Mathematics)

Self Made 3 Freestyle (Mathematics) Lyrics Rockie Fresh

[Verse 1]
You know I'm only found working, never found hating
Never found thirsty, I'm only found patient
My building looks different simply through the foundation
And every time I drop then you know it's groundbreaking
I mean the way I'm coming up is just so insane
Yesterday a nigga read a book while I was getting brain
My knowledge is like the homie went to college
Rappers don't want no problems, they now I'm quick to solve 'em
I walk up in this bitch with my Puma's
Real quiet is how I'm known to move through rumors
These niggas wanna run with me, got no legs
Gotta handle all my bars, they can't even ride on the pegs
You know a younging still roll through the changes
Met a bitch the other day who said I ain't even famous
I told her: "not being famous really ain't so bad
I still got a nice whip and a bitch that's swaging"
And when she act right she be getting most of them bags
Was at Jay's show and I had the VIP pass
I had LeBron right next to me, D-Wade right next to me
Ball so hard, I got so drunk though I was in the Miami Heat
I seen Rihanna and I wished I was tall
And then I seen Kevin Hart and didn't feel bad at all...
...and I think it's just a day in the life of a nigga that be hustling right
Real cool in person and can be seen in various flights
And I ain't the barbarian type, I keep it fresh nigga
I'm on the money, gotta get to the bread
I ain't worried 'bout these niggas, I get bitches instead
I have yours in the crib, fucking, making my bed
You slept on me, now you wanna jump over the...
I remember when a young nigga's life was awful
Now I wake up every day to cook chicken and waffle's
Used to work behind counters, get played by bouncers
Now I'm shouted by announcers and I hang with the founders
Remember when a nigga's jesus piece was wooden
Niggas just knew I wouldn't come through in this bitch
With Lil B still straight cooking, now I got... looking
And whether you talking down, you know you still talking about me
Probably thinking where the fuck you can find me
You was probably hating while you was chilling on your mama's love seat
While I was in the... making nothing but heat
Self Made 3, nigga...

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