Prom King

Prom King Lyrics Rockie Fresh

[Verse One: Rockie Fresh]
Yeah, Obama made me believe I had a chance to rule
Listen to Lupe and a nigga tried to change the cool
And Kanye made me wanna go and drop out of school
But I ain’t tripping ‘cause a nigga never been a fool
And just because it’s meant for me don’t mean it’s meant for you
Like go to college, get a education, see it through
I know they say that the rappers get all the hoes
But don’t get it twisted, doctors and lawyers get bitches too
I swear this shit is true, I ain’t gotta lie homie
I’m just being me, I ain’t even gotta try
They say long live the king so long live will I
And them tears of joy the only type of tears my mama cry
‘Cause I’m always on my grind, staying clear of funny shit
Always on my money shit, ain’t fucking with that dummy shit
Rockie want that paper so that paper what I come and get
Hov wrote the blueprint, niggas like me studied it

[Verse Two: Rockie Fresh]
Man, this shit is pressure, I’m just hoping that I can handle it
Sometimes I get angry and I just simply can’t stand the shit
Swung up off my manager, needed some anger management
When it hits the fan, it ain’t like you really can plan the shit
So now I’m on the move, changing scenes and changing lovers
And a couple white chicks, feeling like the Wayans brothers
Kinda like a full fight, we all trying to stand each other
I can’t believe you lames is finna make a mother of ‘em
My brother told me never smash without a rubber
And if I don’t really mean it, never tell a girl I love her
Watch the dope game but have ambitions as a hustler
And watch them ill K’s ‘cause if you slipping, they’ll cut ya
I tell ‘em failure just simply ain’t in my cards
Won’t play victim to these niggas, won’t play victim to these broads
Unless I’m doing a movie, you won’t catch me acting hard
And this life is looking good ‘cause I’m always on my job and tell ‘em

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