Panera Bread ft.  Rick Ross & Lunice

Panera Bread ft. Rick Ross & Lunice Lyrics Rockie Fresh

Mixtape: The Birthday Tape

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[Intro: Rick Ross]
Rockie Fresh...
Rockie Fresh...
Bitch, it's Rockie Fresh...
We gettin' money, bitches, Rockie Fresh

[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
My name reign - my chain swing
I bend corners - my paint change
These informants - pockets enormous
Rockie keep touring, his stocks just keep growing
Rocky Balboa - how I beat boys
Niggas bow down - it's an elite course
We shootin' free throws, dead before you reach for it
All I know is kilos, all she want is miso
Sushi feed her ego
Dope boy and I do it by the standard
Flipping got my house bigger than Atlanta
Panamera cherry red - Panera bread
I'm everywhere, your bitches see me everywhere

[Verse 2: Rockie Fresh]
Man... these niggas hatin', they can't make it out they mama's house
The least that they could do is wash the dishes, take the garbage out
See the way I'm rolling, now they questioning a different route
See the youngin' flexing, he ain't have to pull the muscle out
Fuck what they be talkin' 'bout, all that bar-for-bar shit
Bought a new car 'cause I'm one hell of an artist
I'm in another market, tracks with Good Charlotte
These rappers all lethargic, I always hit my target
Got a new chick and she too thick and she too hot to handle
She love to hit the beach and she love to watch scandals
I'm smokin' in her crib but she prefer I light candles
She's worried by scent while I'm focussed on the rent
That's little money spent, to the best and shit
She said I should've been #1 on that freshman list
I told her "it was nothing to me, girl, don't stress that shit"
Plus I'm on, my niggas on it, I respect that shit
Although they did forget Casey and he say life changes
So in a couple years from now I swear they all gon' thank us
I'm never too anxious, never thirsty, only found patient
I'm only found workin', I'm never found hatin', these tracks what I'm bakin'
Always been more than a player - I am Thibodeau
I know the floor, I'm such a coach - to get the win is my approach
Salute Kanye, that's my city, Jordan
Niggas say they D-Rose, but who really scoring?
Who's signing endorsements? Citing all them corporates
Ball so hard they tore shit...
Shit, I ball so hard I make 'em wanna forfeit
It's all natural, I ain't even gotta force shit
Four shit, since a youngin' I would always be good
When I had that first down with the fur on the hood
Every day I'm going' hard and I'm staying prepared
Got that broccoli cheddar shoe with the Panera bread

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