Never Lose

Never Lose Lyrics Rockie Fresh

[Verse One: Rockie Fresh]
I’m rolled up, someone give me a light
I’m a new day, these niggas is broadening light
They girl wanna see me, she pay for the flight
Took her down, then we got as high as a kite
She know I’m a star, I can make me a million
See it happen, god damn, it’s a wonderful feeling
I’m just shooting at my dreams and I’m making a killing
Good aim, bang, bang, won’t hit a civilian
My flow is so priceless, always seen with the right bitch
Not a 504 boy but we rolling them tight whips
Every chick I lays with got a bag of the right chips
Can’t forget about the times we was working the night shifts
Now we getting famous but still acting nameless
Got new money, got new cribs but that never changes
Gon’ get more whips than Avis, like the Gallaghers, I’m shameless
Not as lame but in the game like I’m Baron Davis
Could get you some favors, change lives
Balling make your bitch feel like the basketball wives
You’re the Louis umbrella when the weatherman lies
And a couple gold chains to shine for them grey skies, then we gone

[Verse Two: Rockie Fresh]
My dog say we gonna be rich one day
Trying not to be a victim of the gunplay
I told ‘em we can win if we stay patient
Now we living on the road while they stay hating
Getting bucks while they in the club getting butt
If they ever eating and decide it for the smuts
My team good so now they wanna hang with us
Don’t they got they own homies? What them niggas hanging up?
They want the name but can’t handle the fame
Running with a ball and chain with the failure to maintain
They are pardons out the game, they should fall back
Got a lot to give and they bitch want all that
I’m a rookie but don’t do what the rookies do
Probably why I’m finna make a mill before I’m 22
I tried to tell ‘em but they act like they ain't have a clue
Now I’m getting old money, every day it’s something new
Hella fly but I’m high off the trees I blew
These niggas wanna sample swag, I should probably sue
I’m all about my green, you would think I’m Mountain Dew
Rockie Mountain on the move, one rule: never lose

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