Fly High

Fly High Lyrics Rockie Fresh

[Verse One: Rockie Fresh]
I need a good night with a bad bitch, nice guy but I'm mad rich
When it comes to girls, I say a nine to five is my average
A lot of niggas just average, we be making major bread
Once they used to sleep on me and now laying in my bed
And it's funny because I used to want they friends instead
Compliments, they touch my heart but never would get to my head
Gotta keep a clear mind, floor deserves a lot of space
I'm just trying to make my mark, these haters wanna dry erase
But they won’t see this guy replaced, greatness is a pattern
Plus I’m out of this world, young nigga driving a Saturn
And he saying he don’t like me, you standing right beside me
‘Cause you won’t change and you know the money is what excites me
And I'm rarely in the city ‘cause promoters know I’m pricy
They would take my style but it's too rare and it's too pricy
450 for my Nikes, they sponsored by the good life
Never catch me slipping but I always have a good night, yeah

And I got my head in the clouds, fly, fly, fly high
To shine, to stay over the grind, fly, fly, fly high
I got no plans on coming down, fly, fly, fly high
I got no plans on coming down, fly, fly, fly high

[Verse Two: Rockie Fresh]
Still a shark in this water, see, the world is mine
These niggas fish in a tank like the Summer time
I'm sunning them all, they watching me shine
I’m getting my bread, why? I been on my grind
My nigga Joe say I gotta feed the homies
And bring a couple chicks so they never get lonely
And now we feeling great like describing Frosted Flakes
Plus my pockets getting fat, I'm a tiger, no Tony
Got the whole city on me, I rock it like a backpack
But I'm getting bud like what I used to carry in that
They put me in the game ‘cause they know I'm gonna win that
Swag is on the O-Z, y’all’s is on a ten sack
I do keep them dimes though, see that mine’s is fire
And she will like she hold tires, other women do admire
So I probably hit two, oh my god, that’s my desire
Have ‘em roll me up another ‘cause I'm trying to get higher
And then put the kush in the blunt, burn it like something on woon
Smoke like a gun when it boom, that 88 coming soon


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