Nine Spray

Nine Spray Lyrics Roc Marciano feat. Ka

My mind spray, my nine spray
My mind spray, my nine spray
My nine spray
My mind spray, my nine spray

[Verse 1: Roc Marciano]
Outlaw lifestyle, I'm raw, no lifestyles
Fly whores get piped down
My sores get iced down, I'm like owww
The K put you out the game like five fals
You outta bounds, I'm outta town runnin' with hounds
Dumpin' the cow, kick up a dust cloud
The gun is rust brown, it's a oldie, but goodie
I'm looking like Goldie in the hoodie
Rolls go rollie, tech 9's is loaded up fully
Shells fly open you up like pussy
I slide in ya, skinin' ninja
Black down like a ninja, for legal tender
Chrome desert eagle bend ya
Ten's send ya like a street vender
Cook your meat, beef get tender
No apron, .38's shave you like bacon
And get shanked in them staircases
Trynna pitch, gotta run the base
But the bitch keep floodin' papers
My ace's got cut faces
Raw flesh got it cut and pasty
Butterloaf in the oven baking
Nothing sacred
I'm touched cake niggas wanna come and taste it
You get stripped bucked naked
Fuck a bank statement
I got over a 100K in my basement, your formula's basic
Payin' layaway on a bracelet, you repair, I replace shit
You a chair, I'm a spaceship
You shed a tear, I just shed hatred
But to get here more than skill takes patience
Ill nature, golden age reals feels ancient
Motion picture rap we like film makers

My nine spray
My mind spray, my nine spray
My mind spray, my nine spray

[Verse 2: Ka]
Gems by the vision, some time livin'
They slung with this comfort, is to the numb that I give em'
To get my way like a ape, hung with the givens
Slung narc in the park gettin' crumbs with the pigeons
Wanna ? bullets get loud, I'm good at my job
On the strip minus shit, where you couldn't have jogged
Cops, sheriffs, marshals despise
They watch for errors and that's when ? arrives
We get cake, big slate of portion the size
Strangle a human anger with monstrous lines
We would be straight with a eight but we harsh with the nines
My body heal faster than the scars in my mind
Sour grapes with papes, now I'm God of this wine
Lip is grow, which nipple cold, sip it slow
Even with tight writes you resite with a wicked flow
This is cream torque, climbing the beanstalk
Team trynna find Green Giant outta clean thought
Poor myth full clip loaded head
We keep it cookin' lookin' for the golden egg
Shot sounds ?, drop down
Man folded, another round holdin' a high pound
Split him back, die slow livin' rappin'
Triggers blastin', need compassion but niggas lacked it
Beef boil, you need to feel the bullet over your coil
Address it like a president, let the speech royal
Nine Spray

Smooth tune from Roc Marciano who gets some help from Ka on "Nine Spray". This is off Roc's upcoming "Reloaded" album which is available for pre-order on iTunes.

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