Doesn't Last

Doesn't Last Lyrics Roc Marciano

[Verse 1]
Money come, money go - black Monte Carlo
Niggas set the bar low
With the TEC-9 and the SEP cargo
Slow the car, go - it's escargot
Was taught never let your cards show, hold the Roscoe
Niggas told the cops, now the spot's blown (we out)
Robberies with a costume - send shots at your top, fool
We tycoons - my nigga, we are not coons - not cool
Thousand-dollar croc shoes, slidin' in 'em, you livin' like a Yaku'
I'm out in Yemen, you nibblin' on dry food
Crab rappers no wan' frak us
My back is like B. A. Baracus'
Smash ratchets 'til the shaft of my penis is flaccid
This is classic, I'm thinkin' past G-wagons
Mink, drag it - Super Cat, cabbie stabbin'
That's what's happenin', jacket made of calf skin
The light that I'm baskin' in, remember? Shit, it's on
And you don't quit...

It don't last, baby...
It never did, it never have, baby...
It don't last, baby...
It never did, it never have, baby...
It don't last, baby...
It never did, it never have, baby...

[Verse 2]
Your raps' small change, coin the phrase
The Ralph Lauren shit I'm sportin', this is oil based
Your whore coil like a snake, scandalous like Watergate
Skipped the court date just to fornicate, warpaint face
Your mixtape's done in poor taste, I'm watchin' horses race
Coordinate with the quarter-to-eight, slipped your whore the bait
My shit is more than great, what I orchestrate
I just want my niggas to all be straight...
'Cause where I often lay it ain't coffee cake
Used to book niggas for chains and leathers
Cooked 'caine, now I grab the wood-grain in the 7
The game is a lesson...
My brethren got knocked for possession after I was stressin'
Move with discretion...
Peace to Mexican niggas that carry weapons
And big butt bitches in leggings who fit the 54-11's
Smith & Wessons, I capture the best essence
Thirsty heifers' ass, pass the refreshments
A fresh prince - wipe the hammer down, I think I left prints
Uh, nigga...
Doesn't Last

A standout, self-produced cut from Roc Marciano's November 2013 mixtape "The Pimpire Strikes Back". This is pimp renaissance music.

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