Take It Easy On Me

Take It Easy On Me Lyrics Robin Thicke

Album: Blurred Lines

[Verse 1]
I’m fascinated by your stare
I’ll rip through all your fancy clothes
I want to shop for your underwear
I want to do it all so close

Why don't you take it easy on me
Take it easy on me
Take it easy on me
Why don’t you
Take it easy on me
Take it easy on me
Take it easy

[Verse 2]
Baby, I can make it worth your while
Don't need your telephone number
I'm right here now
Eyes light up like the 4th of July
When I look right through your dress
I want your cherry pie
Come here, but take your time
I know your time is valuable, baby
But so is mine
Don’t let this chance go by
And I know that you one badass chick
But I’m that guy


Baby, I ain't never been the type
To dance, but tonight may be the night
I get on it
A few shots of the Patron, I lose my mind
And I might lose my balance
Because I hit that blunt too many times
Come down, is what I have to tell myself
Cause when I get in my zone
I can't even see nobody else
I'm standing on furniture
And my outfit's so fly
They telling me I should relax
But I'm like, why?


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