Sorry Mrs. Ransom

Sorry Mrs. Ransom Lyrics Ro Ransom

[Verse 1: Ro Ransom]
Man I'm ridin', with my new mixtape on the horizon
Slidin', cinnamon Dominicans is 5'10
Flies then, [now T boy?] you caught up in that pricin'
Niggas talking down but I do not recognize them
I'm on my healthy shit, chewin' on a Nutri-Grain
Stompin' on these dirty ass rappers til my shoe gets stained
You off track, don't come Yo-ing in my chu-chu-train
The day I die will be the only way I lose the game
Uh. Love music, hate yours
Wiley Coyote but I never chase birds
They want to kill a nigga so they can create furs
And coats, but I'm not one to easily be poached
Or easily be approached, or neither receive a choke
Or a sleeper at least I hope you can see that your teams a joke
If you do it on your own man who the fuck can stop you
You can not imagine all the bullshit I got through
I leave, come back, demand attention like the Rock do
Say "fuck my clique" and bust a bitch is something I will not do
Spit like huck-to
Sick like achoo
Hungry, I am underfed, my pockets need that wonder bread
Opinions are opinions, let me state the facts
Most my wardrobe is grey and black
Bullshit? I ain't playing Jack
I'm 19 and I'm great at rap
So what the fuck you got to say to that
Bets can't see me, the best can't beat me
First rapper to ever watch Sket Dance weekly
Their saying "he's the one", I'm apparently him
I'm bringing hope to New York City like I'm Jeremy Lin
Cause I'm a monster on the beat
I'm a dog without a leash
Make it hot around your block, I'll make a sauna out the streets
You are wrong if you believe that you are conquering the beast
Pretty girls thats from the high part get it on beneath the sheets
Uh. Who are you suppose to be, your gettin' old
I put beats in a clover leaf submission hold
Quick assessment, you ho is weak my bitch is gold
I'm global warming, even locally your shit is cold
I've never regretted, singing what I feel
Only shit I should have said, could of said, would have said
But that does no good instead
Please learn from my mistakes
Life is too short to not take every chance you face
'N', uhh I think I'mma feel like this forever
Forever, forever-ever, forever-ever
I'm sorry Mrs. Ransom because Mrs. Ransom don't exist
And the reason for that being all I care about is this
Man I swear I'm bout to shit
Don't you dare turn about this shit
Disrespect the Harlem world, someone's airin' out a clip
I ain't tryin' to face a casket
I'm tryin' to face a bad bitch
Designer made fashion, tidal wave crashin'
On purpose style, no Obama state accident
Beside no swag, that's by-the-way wack shit
Even if they kick me out I'll find a way back in
No time for women cause I'm trying to make a classic
But I see Rihanna in my future yard
I target lots of goals and I plan to shoot em all
I took a long time, I hope I ain't loosing ya'll
Ransomnia, the 2012 coup de grace

Ro Ransom drops another freestyle, this time over an Outkast instrumental. Still waiting for "Ransomnia"

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