Walter White Boy Flow (Prod. By Lifted)

Walter White Boy Flow (Prod. By Lifted) Lyrics Rittz

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[Verse 1]
They say that Rittz ain’t shit, Rittz ain’t rich
But you never heard nobody say that Rittz can't spit
If you’re lookin' for some bullshit, this ain’t it
I just did a line of speed, 'bout to feel the drain drip
Nose on fire, throat on fire
Got my coat on, glowin', homie, no bow-tie
Drinkin' Crown for some more, crow boat, go, fine
Mind kind of like a snow globe, so coked out
Rappers copy me sloppily, oh so twat
No, adios guys - maybe I should help 'em out
I could try and ghost write for 'em, if it goes right
Maybe Bootleg Kev'll play it on the show, afternoon
Like on that Big Sean song, chief on strong
Weed got me starin' at a big-boned blonde
I can see above her cheeks she had a pink thong on
Didn't mack, 'cause I could tell she need a King Kong schlong
Damn, I forgot to put it in her ass
Just to make her feel me enter it, consider it, and maybe later
I'll find an Asian chick 'cause her hands'll make it bigger
I'm just trippin', that's the shit I say when I be drinkin' liquor
Doin' meth is a gift, I receive and I'm a giver
That line's dedicated to my homie Sinner
My pissed-off manager can't control his temper
When he call up and act like I got a new number
Far from a newcomer, got the cue
Done an aged bitch with a cucumber then I puked on her
I'm just playin', she was 20, I'mma keep it 200
What? You hated how I look, but I finally grew on ya
Fuck you, homicide, a lot of people do, burn a soup runner
'Cause I'm feelin' like my stomach gettin' lit
Bootleg Kev and pocket business
It's Rittz in this bitch with the homie Lifted
Yeuh... bitch
Walter White Boy Flow (Prod. By Lifted)

In April of 2013, Bootleg Kev collaborated with Rittz for this preview of his Strange Music mixtape.

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