Hard Lyrics Rihanna feat. Young Jeezy

Album: Rated R

[Verse 1 - Rihanna]
They can say whatever, I'mma do whatever
No pain is forever - yup! You know this
Tougher than a lion, ain't no need in trying
I live where the sky ends - yup! You know this
Never lying, truth-teller
That Rihanna rain just won't let up
All-black on; blacked-out shades, blacked-out Maybach
I'mma rock this shit like fashion, going til they say stop
My runway never looked so clear, but the hottest bitch in heels right here
No fear, and while you getting your cry on, I'm getting my fly on
Sincere: I see you aiming at my pedestal, I better let you know

That I'm so hard - yea yea yea! I'm so hard
So hard - yea yea yea! (that Rihanna rain just won't let up)

[Verse 2 - Rihanna]
All up on it, know you want to own it
Ain't like me, that chick you bonin'
Ride this beat like a pony
Meet me at the top - getting lonely
Who think they test me now, run through your town
I shut it down. Brilliant, resilient, fan mail from 27 million
And I want it all, it's gonna take more than that
Hope that's not all you got, and I need it all
The money, the fame, the cars, the clothes
I can't just let you run up on me like that, all on me like that
Yeah, I see you aiming at my pedestal, so I think I gotta let you know


[Verse 3 - Young Jeezy]
Go hard or go home, back to your residences
Soon as the Red Dogs give the block back to the presidents
I used to run my whole block like Obama and them
You don't have to believe me - go ask my momma and them
Couldn't even come in my room, smelled like a kilo
Look like me and two of my boys was playing casino
Everything I keep in my bag they can't afford it
Tell them "give me back my swag!" - they trying to clone it
See my Louis chucks, Louis flag, Louis frames, Louis belts
What that make me, "Louis Man"?
I'm in the all-white party wearing all black
With my new black watch to cause a heart attack
Cardiac arrest, Carti at the wrist
Yeah, they say they hard, they ain't hard as this
Hard: the one word that describes me
If I wasn't doing this, you know where I be

Where the girls talking trash? Where they at? Where they at? Where they at?
Where them bloggers at? Where they at? Where they at? Where they at?
Where your lighters at? Where they at? Where they at? Where they at?

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