Game Over

Game Over Lyrics Revenge of the Nerds

(Verse 1): I’m afraid of love
Afraid of being alone
I’m afraid of trust
Don’t know where to go
Drugs, pussy is the answer to all my problems
Temporary fix

(Chorus): But what happens when it’s all gone?
And you realize all this time we were wrong
And an angel comes to take you up to the sky
And God asks, “Nigga what you been doing with your life?
What you been doing with your life?”
Game over… x3

(Verse 2): Uh, well I guess I’ll make the best of it
This broken heart, what you’ve left of it
I knew what was right, but went left of it
I’m like: never again, like eff loving
Cause you was fuckin that nigga when I was still lovin?
I had hoes too, I shouldn’t feel nothing
Now when a bitch tells me she loves me it don’t mean nothing
It’s nothin personal, I’m just cold hearted
Detached from the world, feeling departed
Lot of shit on my mind, don’t know where I’m startin
Don’t know where I’m goin
Lookin to the sky for answers
I hear nothing back, keep focused
Mind on the money track, gotta stay that way
Cause I ain’t lookin back
Never…ever will I love again, sad story
That’s how the life begins


(Verse 3): I thought you were the answers but you was just a problem
And now you don’t’ matter
So I keep it pushin with all the women, the drinkin, the white girls, yeah
Who got a problem with the white lines
I’m still gon fuck ‘em all, yeah


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