Rainy Day

Rainy Day Lyrics Raekwon

[Verse 1]
Aye yo, your skin color's the shit
Bubble on your back look delicious
My strawberry queen - Nestle Quick
Slidin' through Geneva, switchin' gears on me, I'mma leave her
She drivin' her own shit, she a keeper on, live in the woods, what’s good?
No Hollywood hoe shit, yeah, you good
Sippin' drinks, rockin' means, come visit the shrink
Check the crib, it’s bigger than LIV
What you think? I’m just a part time romancer?
See me in the club, I'm a ransom
Tie me up, boo, won't go against you
And the queen that I want, she gotta think like a king
Respect mine, boo, stay in line, do ya thing
And we can meditate, do yoga, chillin' on the sofas in my loafers
You makin' that bread, I play gopher
I'm a staircase baby with a dream, envision it
I know I’m livin' it, but queen...

Just to let you know...
Sometimes it's a rainy day...
Sometimes it's a rainy day...
Sometimes it's a rainy day...
Sometimes it's a rainy day...

[Verse 2]
I did you wrong 'cause I was fucked up, lost
They caught me in the Porsche store, cryin' "divorce!"
Aye yo, my jewelry look tough on you, it's over, they lost
And then you did this to me, picture me crossin' you
You was never there when I was grindin', just flossin'
I had you in school like "daddy, we bossy"
And now you wanna cry "it's over"? It exhausts me...
But keep the wheels right here then jet to Georgia
I'm a G from... no, no, no, no, noble extortion
Yeah, take it or leave it, acquire losses
She dig this cap', move on par like a boss
So hold the fort down, protectin' what's yours
Aye yo... no more remorse, cut endorsements
Fuck that - go back home, jet to Boston
Barkin' like a full grown Pit, take caution
I’m just one of the shits, this is raw shit...


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