Doesn't Matter (Prod By Renegades)

Doesn't Matter (Prod By Renegades) Lyrics Pusha T feat. French Montana

Mixtape: Wrath Of Caine

Shit I wrote quick
Shit I hate
Broke niggas that always got somethin' to say
Got some nerve to have an opinion

[Hook: French Montana]
I don't give a fuck what you say about me
Broke nigga two cents don't matter
Give a fuck what you say about me
Broke bitch two cents don't matter
It doesn't matter
It doesn't matter
It doesn't matter
It doesn't matter
It doesn't matter
It doesn't matter
It doesn't matter

[Verse 1: Pusha T]
There's a meaning to the kissing if the ring
The gods don't mingle with the mortals
Peasants ain't sittin' with the kings
Goliath ain't worried 'bout your sling
And Cassius ain't bothered by your swings
You niggas keep rappin' 'bout your dreams, my reality
Fifty birds waiting in the wings
Do it my way, I hit the highway with the batter
So when Kanye go on his hia, it don't matter
Since you talkin' 'bout me, then lets talk about this money
Let's talk about the cars and why mine shaped funny
Let's talk about the fact you'll take nothin' from me
Let's talk about the fact you niggas hate I'm up and runnin'
RG3 nigga, be that
Runnin' through this money and these white women
Spike Lee see that
She gotta have it, and I gotta give it
And you do not relate 'cause you niggas do not live it


[Verse 2: Pusha T]
Attention seekers beware, I will grant wishes
We can take this so much further than your mentions
I can get your eulogy on YouTube, for instance
Have the whole world view the body
Since y'all claim I'm Illuminati, tell me why would you try me?
Kennedy, John F. or Bobby
Almost caught Reagan but they stopped us at the lobby
And that was broad day so how the fuck you gon' stop me?
Your little niggas just dirty, mines is Zero Dark 30
Mine is night vision, witch hunt, Raph or 'Pac worthy
I'm Coke Boy leanin' on you niggas
If money talk then I must be screamin' on you niggas
Top of the pile, I was two-thirds away
I was sidetracked, busy, sellin', two birds a day (God!)
Death is just a u-turn away
Two men, ten paces, then you turn and spray

[Hook x2]

My name is my name!

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