Like Water

Like Water Lyrics Pro Era feat. Joey Bada$$, Capital STEEZ & CJ Fly

Mixtape: PEEP: The Aprocalypse

[Intro: Common]
They say signs of the end is near…

[Verse 1: Capital STEEZ]
And I quote: we came like them niggas in boats
Still think it’s a joke? Your third eye vision is broke
We lifted from smoke and floatin’, that’s how I got my aura open
Check the horoscopes, though – you could say I’m horror scopin’
You catch me floatin’ on a four leaf clover
That’s the pot of gold, so we sonnin’ ‘em like Maury Povich
We gon’ need paternity tests, I guess
‘Cause them vets ain’t learnin’ it’s step-by step
It’s Beast Coast, we the murderous set
We rain and fired, and I don’t mean the burners and teks
You gotta love it… all 47 of us
You ain’t got a number then I guess we gotta get you covered
I’m connectin’ to my brethren with the Westside Connection
‘cause he say he got the best in
We got the birds like 2-4-7, so I’mma hit you back in a second
‘Cause we already lifted

We lifted, we lifted
We dreamt it, we lived it
We lived it, we lived it
So we already lifted
We lifted, we lifted
We dreamt it, we lived it
We lifted…

[Verse 2: Joey Bada$$]
Said you could draw, but my niggas would still erase ya
Everywhere I go they just copy and paste
Impatient, self-ranks, so you ain’t like that ancient
Kerosene for your chaser
Waste yourself and thank ya boy
Shots homie, I’m not drunk, let me explain my story
I’m not under, I’m higher than when my connect employed
Said for sure he got fire, most thinkers take a whiff
We’re gracious he never laced this shit, take a trip
To the astrals, welcome to my land, this your first OBE?
Tell me, how has your body been?
Spin the wheels on the axis of my embodiment
Don’t waste your breath, you can’t BS, we know what ya body meant
Through third eye codes, your third eye closed
It’s deep, I’ll make you purchase a third iPhone
All seeing eyes know what I mean
But 33 degrees can’t make us free
Said they watered us down, so they forced to believe
That they won us through force and greed
I said they warnin’ us now, so of course they need
To be wantin’ our force to leave
They watered us down, so they forces believe
That they won us through force and greed


[Verse 3: CJ Fly]
I’m openin’ up my chakras, it’s potent enough, I’ll chop it
I’m pointin’ out all the process, pull out in the block,
my comments, tryin’ to calm us…
down – but it ain’t happenin’, we mad as shit
Still managin’, yo, can I bust if I got cannabis?
A half a zip could have her pants unzipped
Ain’t never no romantic shit, so don’t be sad if you can’t have a kiss
I’m still a bastard kid with blackened lips
I’m still a pacifist but if you ask for it then I could pass a fist
You don’t smoke ism, I’ll introduce ya
Not a Buddha abuser, feel like a Bad Boy when I take two puffs
Aye, and I be stoned, so Mary Jane is like Medusa
Had keys for doors, would’ve thought he was a super
But that’s when I grew up, then realized I’m in the place to be
May vacancy, consider emcees they know they can see
We part of the resistance, we’ll fix things, persistence
We shiftin’, we driftin’
We lifted…


[Outro: Nas]
From the spliff that I lift…
From the spliff that I lift…
From the spliff that I lift and inhale…

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