By Myself

By Myself Lyrics Planet VI feat. Curtis Williams

[Hook: Planet VI]
First of all y'all don't know me
I only run with a couple of my homies
Cause niggas in this game to funny
So I'm usually by my lonely, chillin' by my
Self, self, self, self, self
I hate fake niggas, so I'm usually by my
Self, self, self, self, self
I've got trust issues so I'm usually by myself

[Verse 1: Planet VI]
Tolo nah man nigga ain't solo
I love my niggas, no homo
But I'm usually on my own though
This game so fake I know so
What you make they take low tomorro' (?)
Can't even spend your own bread, they wanna spend it for yo'
What you mean chased out
You can't shout were I shout
I slept
By Myself

Off "The American Nightmare" Mixtape dropping Aug 28th

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