Lover Lyrics PJ Morton feat. Lil Wayne

I got that Gin in my system
Somebody's gon' be my victim
Yea, don't fight that love
Just bare with me baby like a white and black cub
Girl love is a must, so don't put up a fuss
I'm hard as steel she wet make it rust
What you know about it, and I'm so about it
Girl this thing in my pants deserve a bow around
All we do, is fuss and fuck, don't start hunny
I put that dick into you good and make you walk funny
PJ he's young money, New Orleans in this bitch don't start nothing
Won't be nothing, let me see something
I'm a lover, not a fighter but I beat that pussy up, tunechi

the Newest Young Money signee - R&B Singer PJ Morton brings the boss Lil Wayne along for this one

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