HateLove Lyrics Phreshy Duzit

Have a good night
She don’t wanna argue
She just wanna act like everything good
Cause she don’t wanna get to the point
We break up even though we should
Are we just gon' pretend that we in love
Even though you probably out there knowing I don’t give a fuck
Have a good
And now I feel guilty
All this living through lies gon' kill me
And you still hold on
Even though I mess up you still forgive me
And you deserve better
At least til I pull myself together
Sometimes you let go just to see what you’re missing
Or regret that you real love mission


I hate love
What a waste of time
Does it really matter if I make you mine
If I do me you gon' get hurt
What should I do
Should I make up lies
All that bullshit just to keep on trying
Or I could be selfish go out and have a good time
Have a good time

Have a good night
Or is it really good enough
Waking up and you ain’t here
This game get lonely babe
I just want to know do you still care
Or we’re just gonna pretend that we gave up
Cause you know that I could change Babe
I think we should make up
But now you feel strong like
It’s best if we just move on
But two wrongs don’t make a right Babe
You know our bond too strong
And we deserve another chance
How could I see my girl with another man
And she just looked out at me in disbelief
And said


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