The Game Has Changed

The Game Has Changed Lyrics Pharrell

[Verse 1]
I know I disappeared
And popped up in Pérès making chairs with a beard
And those that love me probably thought that it was weird
While the haters was happy
They thought my destiny was cleared
And any artist that you love have veered
Especially when they hated the image that they mirrored

I got a text that said P please get up
So like tron im brightly outlining my shit up
The penthouses, the homes, the cars, the chains
The stones
The admirers, mini me's, and clones
Selling you niggas dreams that are boxes full of foam

In and out of dimensions I walk through walls
Just sayin' you can't put me in a box thas all
No Da Vinci codes or Twilight stubs
Dont take this wrong but I like the taste of blood


[Verse 2]
So fittin, the sound in my system
Makes me wanna squish them
King kong foot
The beast has awakened
The protools tapin'
My position blatant
You knew I was coming
Trace this you waitin'
Now look up and ask why you've been forsaten

I shall hover
With splendid colors
That alone makes me other
Plus the, return of the jedi
I study how the brooklyn machine works
Thats word to big and his dead eye
I rise to the top like the sun
I rise to the pocket like a gun
I fire drop your body and its done

They like what happened?
We trapped them
Hatred is obliterated when I imagine
Look at you drowning in your lungs, gaspin'
Blood on the dancefloor, he, he Michael Jackson
Bitches should stay home, they do some much comin'
Y'all should stand back cause you do so much frontin'
Take this sunblock you got too much sunnin'
Now lets examine what you thinkin', running
Run too hard you might tear your meniscus
And if you try to run up, youll only get your wig split
This campaign we runnin is vicious
I hate to eat and run but this was delicious

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