Madonna Lyrics PBZ feat. Feat. Gucci Mane

She freaky like Madonna
She got it from my mama
Stupid thick Yeah shawty the bomb like Osama
I’ma Pull Up In that all white Zonda laying laws down like your honor I promise
Tell your girlfriend she is a bad little something
Take her to the room then I cut her like a pumpkin
She ain't on no diet cause she eat me like a luncheon
And She givin stupid brain I just wanna fuction
Drop it to the flow cause I got a lot of dough
Gucci shades make her wanna jock a little more
Girl that do that dance drop a lil low cause I got enough cash for me to blow now leggo

Aye shawty where you goin cause I’m digging your Persona I Hit In the Honda she freaky like Madonna
Gave It To Her Once and lil Shawty was a Goner
Take her to the room she eat that anaconda
Girl my swag is sick I think your man is gonna vomit
Mr Key got this shit locked like a convict
See you leave with me I don't think He’ll like that one bit
On My Big PUN shit My Chain Is abundant
We can make a movie and just do it wit like four of us I Know that you a freak can I hit it on The Tour Bus
Bitches wanna Cut Tell your man to Get his swords up
Freaky like Madonna She don’t even Leave the door shut

I Gotta a Couple Chicks and They Freaky Like Madonna
Pent House Suite and They Eat Me Like Piranhas
I’m Iced Up and lil mama Hotta Den a Sauna and we Blowin trees Like The wind in a Jungle
Took a Couple shots, Im Boutta Cut Her Like a Surgeon
Passenger seat In My whip My fault its Yo Girlfriend
Freaky Like Madonna, Boy No she Notta Virgin
She just know Im Gone Ball, (Swish) young Julius Ervin!!!
Finna Leave the club and I Gotta Chick on Both arms, Hit em Like some FreeThrows, and where dey both from
From tha Back Dey just Throw It back and they Don’t Run
Freaky Like Madonna Hold on’ Gucci Want Some

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