Welcome To The Party

Welcome To The Party Lyrics Party Next Door

Yeah, it's a saga at a sunset
Marijuana in the complex
Still can't hear you cause my heart's frozen
Stunna' shades 'cause we all rollin'
Fuck them bitches, fuck them niggas too
Fuck them niggas, what I got's to lose?
Mix my drink with some...
Just to buy me some time
Then I'm spending it all on you

You know me very well
The coolest, oh...
So only time will tell
How we do this

Your music keeps playin'
And your hearts starts jumpin'
And your head keeps spinnin'
'Cause the base keeps turnin' up
The spot - AM, and you just reached your...
How you got it al?

Welcome to the party, welcome, baby, welcome...
Welcome, baby, welcome, welcome to the party...
Welcome, baby, welcome, whoa...
Baby welcome to...
Baby welcome to...
Baby welcome to...
Welcome To The Party

The Gold Panda-sampling intro to OVO signee Party Next Door's 2013 self-titled debut.

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