We Them Niggas ft. A$AP Rocky

We Them Niggas ft. A$AP Rocky Lyrics P. Reign

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[Hook: P.Reign]
Show them niggas we ride and we roll
We'll be ridin' til the wheel falls off
Show them nigga we grind and this gold
We'll be shinin' til the lights go out
Do this one for the highs, for the lows
For the rich, for the poor
For the niggas that wont make it
The niggas with a shot
The niggas that gon' give it all they got
We them niggas

[Verse 1: P. Reign]
I walk with niggas you dont fuck with
Them same niggas I stuck with
If I drive by in my spaceship them hoes all get abducted
Royalty I dream that, loyalty I'll bleed that
Know many brothers I feed nigga?
So I dont need your feedback
Hunnid K where I sleep at, I got Louie loafs at my feet at
You touch one of mine, we take ten of yours and I mean that
Nigga lean back, I caught a case and I'll beat the case
Jewish lawyers we need that, yellin' mazel tov on my seat back
And a super ho on her knee caps
I'm fly as shit, bitch check me out
My bitch bad as shit, gon' and check her out
I had her at the hotel stretching out
Get checks in while I'm checkin' out
Real nigga, real nigga, twelve rounds I Holyfield niggas
I'm superman with this chopper fam
You looking at the man of steele nigga
I ride around my town with young inmates they hate coppers
Rich niggas, all mobsters, rude boys, all shottas, gully niggas
Some .. daytimes like her night shifts
Our loyalty is priceless, born poor but we'll die rich


[Verse 2: ASAP Rocky]
Them other rappers is dry snitchin'
Me, I talk that fly shit
Plottin' at the lot Ferraris, I cant even drive stick
Mother fuck your gossip, the concept is my nine inch
Dick up on your bitch lips, he kiss kiss I got this
Dont worry Harlem I got this
Somebody tell me where the top is
Parking lot pimp, in a drop six
Comme de Garcon with Rock kicks
Mighta crew shit, mighta chop shit
They on that new shit, they on that block shit
Like that pop shit, I'm on that Pac shit
That hit em up motherfucker die quick

[Bridge: ASAP Rocky]
The haters hate they dont want let my niggas come home
But I'm ambitious, plus impatient plus the fact that I'm grown
I see the jealousy you made and now my neck come on
Cause I'm on we on
Whole lot of names, whole lot of lames
Fuckin' up the way cause they all sound the same
But Im sorry for the way, to make my own lane
These niggas so gay

We Them Niggas ft. A$AP Rocky

Toronto rapper and friend of Drake P. Reign connected with A$AP Rocky for 2013 single produced by Pro Logic and included on his 2013 mixtape "Dear America."

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