Statues Lyrics Omen feat. Shalonda

[Omen talking:]

A yo

I am a poet, who composes what the world's prose is
And proses what the world composes
- Khalil Gibran

[Verse 1:Omen]

They told me go to school, listen well, work hard
Graduate from college, then you get ya good job
Well the Lord knows that's a damn good lie
Drug dealers rich and I'm barely getting by
I'm saying goodbye to ya rules, ya models, and ya tradition
Unhappy folks tryna give wisdom, why would I listen?
You stuck in the past, 2Pac getting bumped on the ave
Seen a shorty running, dumping a stash
Fell down,tripped stumbled, from a stump in the grass
Guarantee we risk it all for the love of this cash
I mean look at the way we living, really stuck in nostalgia
Still worship statues, giving dead men altars
Let a lifeless idea live inside of its coffin
Cobblestone rogues still sleep on the streets of Boston
Got us on the escapade, living retrograde
Burn down all ya statues and throw 'em in the lakes

[Hook: Shalonda]
Tear down all your statues of me
Idolizing a part of something I used to be
Tear it down, all ya statues of me
Idolizing a part of who I used to be
Tear it down...

[Verse 2: Omen]

I heard history repeats itself
So you should learn from it
They only tell you that
Because they know they can earn from it
And it's value in the past fa sho'
Shot our pyramids
Gave 'em Michael Jackson nose
That lil boy I seen dumping a stash
Is somewhere sitting in a cell
Getting humped in the ass
And thats history I damn sure can learn from
I say lets burn it all down, you rather burn a blunt
Swearing yall turn it up
Manifest Destiny, would you sacrifice your happiness
Just to leave a legacy?
They say he had a dream, Dr. Martin Luther King
But waited to build a monument that he would never see
They used to build shrines and columns made into Buddha
Somehow them same stones in McDonalds in our future
Im thinking on a different block
Carving on a different spot
Please pass the torch watch me burn down Plymouth Rock

[Hook: Shalonda]

Tear down all your statues of me
Idolizing a part of something I used to be
Tear em down down down
Tear em down down down
Tear em down

Another J Dilla produced beat from Omen's upcoming "A Glorious Cool" EP, which is entirely Dilla beats. This tune has a nice vintage SV vibe.

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