Admire Lyrics Omarion feat. Problem and Tank

Mixtape: Care Package (EP)

When you on the pole, everything be stopping
Girl you in control, everybody watching
I admire what you do…
Yeah I see you when you walk
Go and rock it pop it
Cream makes you go
And I don’t want you to stop it
I admire what you do,
I do

Baby you are so sexy
A maniac yeah a brainiac
Shit maybe you should come test me
Ballin big yeah ballin big
Shit I should be wearing the sv
*** thanks for that line
Heard about you from the homeboys
But I didn’t know you were that fine
Like damn where you been
Body like a house girl let me in
Your man is a loser bet I win
Bet I win bet I win
You looking like a lick I can run up in
I bet if I hit your mind be gone
Till November that’s cold as December
As love stop me if I’m wrong
Shhhh quiet uh
I make you laugh I’m a riot uh
You can tell by my look I’m a bad bitch crook
Walk in the spot every bad bitch look
Walk in the spot every bad bitch took
Got so many bad bitches with ass in my past
No gas I should write a bad bitch book
Hoe hit the book with that average look


I come in my crew nice
She pulling on my chest
My tattoo she kiss it, my tattoo she kiss it
Her panties got missing
Hennessey I’m sipping
She so wet I’m swimming
She so wet I’m drowning
And that it happened at the job
K.O.D. Sincity, Perfections, Stadium, Onix
I’m just being honest
I tip her she owes me
I tip her no clothing
Looking at my Rolex while your hands in motion
To myself im toasting
Lame niggas get no sex
Turn around and back it up
Drop it low then I’ll jam
Fuck a hater they don’t know
Just keep dancing on that pole


If you want a cut
Baby I can chop it
Put you on the ropes beat you till I’m knocking
Girl you holding bags you should go and drop it
I got all this cash you should go and drop it all
I’m willing to manage ya and take this whole thing over
Find out what your real name is and get a little closer
These other niggas and they playing with your feelings
I will take you out of here and make u have my children
girl I’m gone I can really get turned up
Bought I nigga in there but it never worked out
I got work up in this thing
I plans play on her mic
Plans to take flight
Plans that I nigga wanna give you I got plans for life

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