Drivin' Benzes

Drivin' Benzes Lyrics Omar Cruz

[Hook: Jay Z, sample from Jay Z and Kanye West - OTIS]
Driving Benzes, Drivi-driving Benzes (x7)
Not bad huh? For some immigrants

[Verse 1: Omar Cruz]
Yea they put they hands up high
When they mention Cruz
They know I'm Top 5 Latino
Dead or alive
I made history with all of my rhymes
And I spit so unique you can say that I'm one of a kind
On the streets my flow is immaculate
I'm legendary
So these half-ass rappers act very scary
They virgins in the game, I'm poppin cherries
Got 'em hitting high notes, Mariah Carey
In the monastery, is where they end up
Praying for forgiveness, they never came up
Cause there ain't love, in this industry
I said, "fuck 'em all, I'm doing me"


[Verse 2: Omar Cruz]
L.A. legacy, coast on my shoulders
Rap game begging me, I hold it like boulders
You ain't a friend to me, you more ass than colons
That's why they all play in the back, like molars
Got my name in they mouth, they choking on it
Spit crack, no doubt, they smoking on it
Lips numb like you hitting a P, dog
My name ring bells, I'm a lyrical phenom
They thought I left, but I'm back like a bad dream
S550, interior, all cream
This for my riders on the West, championship team
NBA lockout, still playing first string


[Bridge: "Otis" sample, Jay Z]
Viva Mexico, Cubano x3
Dominicano, all the plugs that I know
[Omar Cruz]
Hey yo Kev, you ready?

[Verse 3: Omar Cruz]
God made me a star, plus I paid dues
On the boulevard of broken dreams, I will not lose
I run these streets, no track shoes
On these beats you can feel the passion of O Cruz
In the S63 you can miss me
501's, white T, looking crispy
Burner in the stash homes, if you feeling risky
Model in the passenger, stripping, getting tipsy
I keep it so trill, call me UGK
Cause you don't see what a pimp see everyday
I'm about my dollars, you can holler if you making pay
Hit the marijuana, kush, Dr. Dre


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