Cali Life

Cali Life Lyrics Nu Jerzey Devil feat. Dominic

[Hook: Dominic]
So many times I sit and wonder where this world will take me
I tend to find myself 'round gangstas and a couple breezies
Palm trees, night lights
Broad on my arm, lookin' right
So much kush I'm takin' flights
How I love this Cali Life

[Verse 1: Nu Jerzey Devil]
Fresh off the plane I'm greeted by cali O.G
I ain't been this high since like 03
I hit up Menace like yo homie what the business
Nothin' but that Piru, can I get a witness?
Ay man I'm feeling that Cali love
Even though I'm from the east I still throw up the dub
Cause Cali put me on the map, nigga hands down
Now I hear the people screaming from the stands, wow!
Black Wall Street bitch we got that hood style
'Round here you can get your fucking hood popped
Ridin' up Sunset, on the streets we're swervin'
Looking for them birds, me and the homie Term
Shout out to ?
I'm still laughin at Katt Stacks, y'all niggas chocked
First time I came to cali man I fell inlove
With the women, the money especially the bud

[Hook: Dominic]

[Verse 2: Nu Jerzey Devil]
One hit of that kush my eyes fall low
And niggas get to ducking when they hear that nine blow
Ghetto Byrd is out that's just Cali Life
But better keep the hammer homie you can lose your life
Bloods, Crips, Eses, Haitians
A few Puertoricans in the west banging
I go hard for the hood I'm forever ?
Life's a real bitch so that's exactly how I treat her
My nigga Q home, now we 'bout to paint the town
Ask around, I don't play, I put the smack down
Shout out to Nipsey with you in the 60s
Dah-dah-doh, eastside fucking wit' me
Jerzey to the heart ?
Cause from the very start it's where I found my music ?
Blame it on the liquor, blame it on the weed
But I got love for California, understandin' me?

[Hook: Dominic]

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