Spooky (Freestyle) [Prod. By CP]

Spooky (Freestyle) [Prod. By CP] Lyrics Nocando feat. Kail


Swear to god, we possessin' yo' virgins

Yeah, we got candy / We got it from your auntie (trick or treat, bitch!)

Gimme dem Snickers, bitch / Big ones, not the little ones

We got the best costumes (look!) / We got the illest costumes (look!)

My nigga here a vampire / This nigga might fly to Spain (Barcelona)

It’s like some Anne Rice shit / Michael Crichton / And all that shit

Jump out the bushes on a nigga
Scare the fuck outta this mothafucka like "AYE, NIGGA!"

Throwin’ eggs at yo’ house, nigga

Wolves howlin’ like a mothafucka
Spooky (Freestyle) [Prod. By CP]

A 2013, Halloween-themed freestyle from Nocando, Kail and CP.

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