Bury That

Bury That Lyrics No Malice feat. John Bibbs

[Verse 1]
In that all too precious blood, I am covered
This is for you, dearly beloved
For every D-boy on the corner
Mason jar in the cupboard
This is for you, dearly beloved
If I could
I would take back every foolish word that I uttered
I owe that to my momma
Knowing how much she suffered
Her first born taken by that 80s holocaust
Then I turned around, served it a la carte
I'm all apart inside
Can't breathe, chokin' on my windpipe
Every time my nephew say he wanna rhyme
And I know he got to question
Why I don't give him my blessing
That's only because I love you like you mine
And I refuse
We lose another
Your father is my brother
Them pipe dreams, let 'em burn
I can't usher
You in this game, knowin' it's a lion's den
I tell you like I tell my own son
Reach higher than

Chasin' that American dream
But life ain't always what it seems
(So I had to bury that)
Should have known it was a scheme
Any time he took one for the team
(Man, I had to bury that)
Half of my homies is in the bing
But y'all don't see behind the scenes
(Lord knows, I had to bury that)
Out there hustlin' that Medellin
David Banner, all I saw was green

[Verse 2]
They would have you think I am at odds with my sibling
How they look alike, yet bear no resemblance
All hail the Clipse and all of their magnificence
But I cannot deny my deliverance
It is no coincidence
That God chose to use my brethren
To show the magnitude of these ties I'm severing
The fight's fixed, especially your top 10
Can you trust a list in which Pusha isn't mentioned in?
Who copped a milli' of them kilograms?
Broke 'em down, chopped 'em up
Like a ceiling fan?
We gave you truth, y'all ain't want it
Y'all wanted spoof
Now I'm Holy Ghost, feels like I'm haunted
A warning, it's time to fall before Him on your knees
It seem like everything that's real is what you won't believe
Please, it's time to let go of the past
Of the best duo ever
I guess I am an outcast

Bury That

A single from No Malice’s debut solo album "Hear Ye Him," featuring vocalist John Bibbs.

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