Aunti Marias Crib

Aunti Marias Crib Lyrics Nitty Scott, MC feat. Action Bronson & The Kid Daytona

[Verse 1]
Chilling in the green room looking for a plug
Shutterbug puffing on the gateway drug
Got a hug habit and we live from the planet
Run and tell ? when you put it on your palate
Yum yum sugar plum plumbing in my fabric
Tell me what you know about a turtle race rabbit
I’m fantastic at fastening my tactics
Seems you need a lot of lemons in yo basket
Hold up let me ash this

I know how it feels
You’ve been hurt so bad, oh
I know how it feels
You’ve been hurt so bad, oh

[Verse 2]
I’m trying stimulate my mental
Rap so bad we just bump the instrumental
Copycats can’t copy raps so they trace it
My pen game like a blunt you should face it
You should face it, you should face it
Catch me with the b-boys rebels and the punks
Rum punch sucker drum throwing nun-chucks
Cherry cola pedicure, rocking doobies to the store
Eating emcees so I be what I munch
Ideas by the hunch
But I can’t afford to the sample that
Nothing in my pocket but a lighter and a Snapple ?
Back wood doobie, last night's clip
Might find a dollar for a Arizona ?


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