Sound Of My Ceremony

Sound Of My Ceremony Lyrics Nipsey Hu$$le

[Verse 1: Nipsey Hussle]
Now if I break your heart lil' momma don't make a scene
You really mad at yourself because you couldn't do it to me
Probably call me a failure if I ain't ever achieved
I rather you call me cocky for living how I believe
That I'm a king
No sympathizing with the fake
Or suprises from the snakes
Its flock season and I value my estate
So I bought some barb wire cause they trynna climb the gate
Houston Rocket on my waist
Hip-Hop cops on my case, but fuck 'em
More deposits in the bank
God damn a nigga straight, crooked ladder in my face
I'm a fly crip but I rep my whole race
Couple others seem good but everybody want a taste
They say, "get with it or them niggas gonna' take"
I say, "if you want fish let me lead you to the lake"
But niggas late, seeing I'm a late night
Early morning nigga 25/8 life
Wasn't easy growing up
Had to make something out of nothing
If you struggled you relate
But now I'm straight, everything great
I don't need your help now, all of ya'll late
That's why I made sure all of ya'll shake
The way ya'll ride dick I think all of ya'll gay
Practice all night, ballin' all day
Sleeping on flights when I land I get paid
I ain't got a boss, I am not a slave
Turning up my hustle is how I give myself a raise
And it's funny how people let money make 'em change
See you stickin' to the script then you start rippin' out the pages
Of history it ain't a mystery
If I died yesterday my life would be a victory
These niggas sound stupid saying they invented me
But arguin' with fools is a waste of energy
I'm a franchise player and the owner of the team
And they only envy me cause we on a winning spree

[Hook: Nipsey Hussle]
Now, this the sound of my ceremony
The sweet smell of success, yes I wear it on me
Snoop Dogg look a nigga in the mirror told me
Keep getting money, fuck bitches, and be aware of homies
Cause Brutus killed Ceasar, and Judas killed Jesus
But that's where I'm a leave it
Cause they call it dry snitchin' if I take it any deeper

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