Proud of That

Proud of That Lyrics Nipsey Hu$$le feat. Rick Ross

[Hook: Nipsey Hu$$le]
And this night time I got my Locs on
Six hundred Benz with the Vogues on
Been through everything, but I rode on
And I ain't never quit or take no loans
And I'm proud of that!

[Verse 1: Nipsey Hu$$le]
Back to the wall, I was so stoned
Self-made nigga, I was solo
Hot up in the kitchen, I was so stove
A nigga couldn't tell me nothing, I was so rogue
I had AR's, fo-fo's Alpines on low pros
Brought K's with us, and caught fades nigga
And I used to get good grades nigga!
My momma paid the bills, but couldn't save, nigga
So we couldn't ask for no J's, nigga
See, that's the type of shit change niggas
Now from the street, she couldn't save niggas
Only difference was we wasn't playin' with it
Wasn't in it for the hoes or the fame, nigga
Swear to God, I couldn't buy a bag of Lay's, nigga
And I rather be a sinner than a shame nigga
So like that!
I rationalize it in my brain, nigga
Even if I was a victim to the game, it was
Better than living life as a slave nigga
Be right back! Had to turn myself into a paid nigga
I did dirt 'cuz I was climbin' out the grave nigga
To go straight and re-examine my ways
That was the concept and now they're telling me I'm next
But, please my nigga, please my nigga
Don't take this out of context
All the nights I dealt with my stress
All the triple bunks where I slept
All the busted knuckles, all the smoking guns
And all the shit I did for my set!
All my niggas is gone, they got stretched
But now your nigga is on, so don't fret
It's a marathon to success
So all my niggas that's home, we run laps
I got a flight tomorrow I'm gonna catch
I got a presidential Rolex
I have my mind made up, got my grind game up
Now I thank the Lord I'm so blessed


[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
My life's a marathon. If I die today
Will you rep tomorrow, or will this fade away?
Black diamonds on my chain, violence comes with this fame
I'm ridin dirty, my cup leaning, Pimp C inspired my paint
I got enemies on my mind, expiration dates on their lives
Try to keep your head above water, they wanna see a nigga capsized
Can't a nigga live, I'm bumpin' Pac, I'm blowin' big, I'm strapped down
Colin Powell, I hold it down, with these 40 rounds
My windows up, my top down
I'm stacking money, I'm out of town
You acting funny, you're a pussy nigga
Talk behind my back but try to dap me now
Not my type of nigga, I'm so certified
When them niggas schemin', take them for that murder ride
It's not who starts the strongest, but who money the longest
Or who shooting the longest, a head shot is a bonus


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