Funeral For A Killer

Funeral For A Killer Lyrics Murs feat. 9th Wonder

And who cries when a killer dies
Is it justified when tears fill your eyes
The funeral for a killer, the death of a real nigga
And who cries when a killer dies
Is it justified when tears fill your eyes
The funeral for a killer, down to ride till he dies
With his finger on the trigger

[Verse 1]
Went to the casket, and I looked in
Same type of box that our enemies got put in
And he the motherfucker put em there
Came to say goodbye to my brother, but he wasn’t there
Staring at his mother in the front row
Black dress, hair the same color as the gun smoke
Homies in the back, but wondering what the’ve done loc
Can’t even talk without feeling like I’m gonna choke
We’re all mad than the mother fucker
Side chick crying, doing bad than the motherfucker
Wife just sitting there, she ain’t shed a tear
Cause he put her through so much hell when he was here
And all I’m hearing is revenge and regret
One useless emotion and the other leads to death
But you ain't see enough of that yet
Try to tell em but you can’t talk sense to the deaf
They like fuck you cuz, you ain’t even from the set
Nigga fuck you too said it under my breath
Cause we don’t need no more drama
Feeling guilty cause I still get to hug my Momma


[Verse 2]
He loved his loved ones and he loved guns
But disrespect the fam that’s when the slugs comes
He caught a couple bodies but they deserve it though
He was the righteous dude as far as murders go
And he could switch quick between day and night
You crossed the line and do what had to pay the price
And we was friends just the ninth grade
True gangsta did everything the right way
So why I feel so wrong
With the homeboy gone days feel so long
That’s why we cry when the killer dies
Tattoo tears so we could see the world with clearer eyes


[Verse 3]
And this is for the realest dude I’ve ever known
I’m never writing you another song
It’s been a while since you’ve been gone
Mother and your brother, everybody barely holding on
I ain’t gonna say that you was never wrong
If you was here, then your girls would have a better home
Mural on the block, your name set in stone
You still living cause you died as a legend, homes


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